Testimonial leaver 2021

The reassurance as a parent that your child can’t wait to come to nursery is immense and a credit to you all….we will always remember our time at Wooden House with a warm heart and upmost respect for you all in creating such an environment for the children.

Testimonials from School Leavers 2021

“You have helped to shape who … and … have become and we are convinced that they are better children for having had your collective influence on their lives.”

“Thank you to each and every one of you for everything you have done. We certainly couldn’t have done it without you!”

“Thank  you for your support when I started a new job”

“It truly is a special nursery full of nurturing, enthusiastic and wonderful staff.”

“Thank you, in what has been the most difficult year, you have succeeded in keeping all the children safe, happy and loved, a true credit to you all.”

“The last 16 months have been crazy but you have all been a constant for …… and done your very best to keep them safe.”

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and all of your team …. has adored being at Wooden House and will be so sad to be leaving. It’s such a special little place and were lucky to be part of it even if COVID did hamper a few things.”


Testimonials from parents of children attending the setting during COVID-19

“We just wanted to say thank you for being so accommodating in the current situation and for sending through…*’s ‘work’ every week…it’s been super helpful.”

“Thank you to all the staff at Wooden House, I’m so grateful for all the measures and support you have put in to make it a safe place for all the children.  We really do appreciate it”.

“Thank you for keeping my child and her surroundings safe”.

“I think you are all doing a brilliant job of looking after our little ones and providing reassurance in a very stressful time, so a big Thank you”.

“Thanks so much for all you are doing.  It’s so stressful at the moment, but your emails make us feel so much more reassured about the situation.  I is thriving at the Wooden House and we really appreciate the time she is able to spend with you all.  With everything you have in place COVID wise enabling everyone to feel safer.  It is lovely that you are keeping their little lives, learning and development from being too interrupted.  Again, we appreciate all you are doing so much”.


Testimonials from parents of children leaving the school to go to their Primary settings:

“M has had an absolutely amazing time with you all at Wooden House. From the first day they started M looked forward to coming and has loved every day. As a parent I can’t imagine her having so much fun or developmental progress anywhere else. Thank you for all your care, education and love you have shown her”.

“Thank you for your smiley faces every morning and your understanding of all circumstances!”

“C has learnt and grown so much in the year and a half, they have made some unforgettable friendships and has some very special memories of the Wooden House”

“A very big thank you to all the Wooden House Teachers and Assistants for giving….the best educational and social support we could all of hoped for.”

Thank you all for making…..time with you special and fun.”

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to you for giving both my children the most enriching learning environment.”

“Friendly welcoming atmosphere, great outside play, lovely staff.”

“The level of care and attention is above and beyond our expectations.”

“I love how each member of staff makes me feel like they really know my son.”

“Encouraging independence whilst still being friendly and kind enough to help/give a hug when needed.”

“He has been enormously blessed to have been part of Wooden House Nursery for two years. The care, kindness, humour and fun he has received has enabled him to step out and blossom into the delightful, caring, funny and intelligent little person he is.”

“He looks forward to nursery and we have never had an issue with him not wanting to go. This is a testament to the teachers and environment, creating a space where children feel safe and excited to learn. The learning experiences offered to each child are individual and the teachers/staff know and recognise the strengths of each child.”

“She will dearly miss all the staff who have worked tirelessly to help her and support us through a difficult year….Wooden House has been perfect for her, they have encouraged and supported her learning while appreciating her uniqueness.”

“Wooden House is fantastic and you all work so hard, it’s not an easy job, but you all pull together as a team.”