Testimonials from parents of children leaving the school to go to their Primary settings:   

“He has been enormously blessed to have been part of Wooden House Nursery for two years. The care, kindness, humour and fun he has received has enabled him to step out and blossom into the delightful, caring, funny and intelligent little person he is.”

“He looks forward to nursery and we have never had an issue with him not wanting to go. This is a testament to the teachers and environment, creating a space where children feel safe and excited to learn. The learning experiences offered to each child are individual and the teachers/staff know and recognise the strengths of each child.”

“She will dearly miss all the staff who have worked tirelessly to help her and support us through a difficult year….Wooden House has been perfect for her, they have encouraged and supported her learning while appreciating her uniqueness.”

“Wooden House is fantastic and you all work so hard, it’s not an easy job, but you all pull together as a team.”

“You’ve given him fun confidence and plenty of kindness, but most of all you’ve taught him so much.”

“We will always relish our memories with Wooden House and always count ourselves a part of the Wooden House family! Keep up the amazing work and beautiful care you provide.”