Nursery Provision

Daily Sessions

In order to ensure every child meets their full potential we make our planning flexible, play based and focused on the individual development, diversity and needs of the children in the group. We listen to our children’s ideas, interests and voices and as a result will value the unplanned event that can occur from the spontaneity of children and the environment around us.

We believe children learn best through play and being ‘hands on’ and that the outdoor environment provides an excellent space for them to do so. Children can develop their social and communication skills whilst practising their physical and cognitive abilities. As a result we aim to utilise our beautiful surroundings to enhance our children’s experiences and plan for the use of the outdoors whenever possible.

8.00am – 9.00am
Come and play option – free play.

9.00am – 10.15 a.m
Exploring cooking textures and creative playChildren are separated into 4 individual classrooms with the children in each room being around similar age. A full morning of various activities appropriate to your child’s age and ability. We plan individually for each child and build on what they already know. We try to ensure that all children enjoy a whole range of activities that enable them to make progress towards the Early Learning Goals. On a typical morning the children have a variety of free play and adult initiated activities with their class teacher. Activities include painting, craft, cooking, singing, imaginative play, construction, board games, play dough, clay, sand and water play, computing and physical development.

The children have a snack of milk or water and healthy food such as fruit, raw vegetables and bread sticks.

Break which is outside either in the garden or the covered area. We have a good range of outdoor and indoor play equipment.

The end of break, the children either return to their classrooms for further activities or remain outside for supervised play activities.

At the end of the morning assembly when all the classes meet together. Each day a different practitioner leads the assembly and the children may hear a story, or talk about a theme as well as singing, music and movement, sharing news celebrating birthdays.

Children bring their own packed lunch and we ask that you do not send nuts, marshmallows, chocolate, full bags of crisps or fizzy drinks (water where possible). In addition, grapes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and sausages need to be cut into quarters lengthways. A cool pack may be advisable in warm weather and water is accessible freely throughout the day.

All children staying for lunch eat together and afterwards play outside if possible. If not, they remain together in a communal room.

Afternoon session. The children are no longer in 4 individual rooms and are grouped in mixed ages for various activities which are free play and are planned by a different teacher each day.

Snack of milk or water and healthy food such as fruit, raw vegetables and bread sticks.

Outside play/story time/games.

Afternoon session ends.

3.00pm – 6.00pm
Stay and play option, free play.


Key Person

Every child is assigned a Key Person whose name will be provided shortly after your child starts with us. Their role is to support both you and your child in the process of settling in whether you are a new family to the setting or as a new Key Person in a new class. As part of this settling in and on a day to day basis they will keep you up to date with information regarding your child’s time in the setting and offer help and advice about how we can work together to help your child make progress. At any time they are available to talk to if you have any questions, concerns or indeed celebrations that you think they should know about. This relationship will build to be a process of two way communication that enhances your child’s opportunities and will support you in the setting.

The aim of the Key Person is to become a consistent person that your child can trust and become confident with and also to ensure that you, as a parent, have a designated member of staff that you can refer to at all times.

The Key Person’s role also includes recording your child’s progress and monitoring their strengths and weaknesses so we can identify any areas of development that we need to focus on specifically.  They will also give you regular informal updates about your child’s progress.  The Key Person will support your child in the early days to get to know the routines of the day, adjusting them if necessary to meet their settling in needs.  They will also help them with their self care and support your child to keep themselves safe whilst ensuring that their learning is tailored to meet their needs in all areas of development.



We keep a record of achievements and challenges for each child, which is used for their individual planning in order to support their development.  Parents are free to look at their child’s records when they drop off or collect their child.  We also hold Parents’ Consultations every term, which may be arranged with the Key Person at a time convenient to the family.


Progress check at 2 years of age and Let’s Talk More Assessments

In addition, for those children aged between 2 & 3 years of age the key person will provide a short written summary of the child’s development in the prime areas.  This will identify both strengths and weaknesses and if appropriate specific area of need involving outside professionals. With permission we also carry out a Let’s Talk More assessment which is a brief play based activity designed to identify any early speech and language challenges. Feedback and documentation is provided after the assessment has taken place.


General notes/Advice tips

Children will take part in messy activities and consequently please bear this in mind when choosing their clothes for nursery.

  • For children in nappies/pull-ups please provide a named bag with spares in or indeed spare clothes for those who are toilet trained in case of accidents or wet play activities.
  • In the summer time we ask that each child is provided with a sun hat and sun cream in their bag and that sun cream is applied before arriving. Likewise wellies and a warm coat in the winter. All of which should be named.
  • Should any information regarding your child change, for example, emergency contact numbers, allergies or home situations, please inform us.
  • In the event of bad weather please look on our website, (address can be found on the front of this prospectus), where we will notify you if we have to close, or if in doubt please telephone before travelling.
  • Please feel free to discuss any anxieties, worries or other matters with your child’s class teacher, as it is important that we all work together on your child’s behalf.
  • We have an active parents committee who organise social and fund raising events. If you would like to get involved please let us know.
  • We ask that you do not send your child to the setting if they are unwell and do not bring your child to school for at least 48 hours after a bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. If a child becomes ill at nursery parents and carers will be telephoned so that they can collect their child.  Only prescribed medicine can be given at nursery. (We have have additional measures in place due to COVID 19).
  • If your child is going to be attending during lunch time it will be necessary to provide a packed lunch. We can heat a meal for you or it maybe, for example, sandwiches or wraps. We ask that you DO NOT send any chocolate in any form, full bags of crisps, fizzy drinks, nuts or marshmallows. In addition, please can any grapes, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and sausages be cut quarterly length ways.

We require 4 weeks notice in writing when your child is due to leave. This enables us to plan ahead and offer places to those on our waiting list.

If you wish to change your child’s sessions we will do our very best to accommodate this. However, we are unable to ‘switch’ sessions when ‘one off’ situations occur but are happy to add sessions in this instance if we can.