Mission Statement

At the Wooden House Nursery School our ethos is to provide high quality care and education in an enabling and inclusive environment that encompasses the principles of the EYFS (DofE 2017). The intent is for this learning to be provided through well planned adult led and child initiated play using the staff as facilitators to extend and support development.

Our staff are committed to maintain a high quality of care and as a result participate in various training to progress in their professional development.  The setting aims to have all staff trained in Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding Awareness level 2 with 4 staff trained to level 3.

Children are observed at play in order to plan for their next steps, treating each individual as a unique person, whose holistic development is important to us.  Staff plan and implement stimulating learning activities in a happy, friendly and safe environment, they then reflect on the impact to the child’s development in order to assess their next steps. As a part of this process we work to build positive relationships with each child’s families and carers, along with other professionals who can assist in ensuring that each child has the very best start. We aim for full inclusion for all and will take every step necessary to try to achieve this. As a result, we work closely with outside agencies, when necessary, to seek further advice and support in order to address any additional need a child or family may have as and when they arise.

To ensure every child meets their full potential we make our planning flexible, play based and focused on the individual development, diversity and needs of the children in the group. We listen to and observe our children’s ideas, interests and styles of learning and as a result will value the unplanned event that can occur from the spontaneity of children and the environment around us.

We believe children learn best through play and being ‘hands on’ and that the outdoor environment provides an excellent space for them to do so. Children can develop their social and communication skills whilst practising their physical and cognitive abilities. As a result, we aim to utilise our outside areas to enhance our children’s experiences.

We promote and imbed the British Values as they interlink and overlap with our routines and activities. The setting promotes democracy among the children encouraging and supporting negotiation, listening and respect the opinons and values of one another.

Activities involve turn taking, sharing and collaborating whilst allowing questioning and expression. Children learn the rule of law as part of personal social play and development, understanding how their own and others behaviours have consequences and learning right from wrong.  As part of this, children collaborate with staff to create rules, for example, the settings ‘golden rules for behaviour’.  Staff support individual liberty encouraging self confidence and self esteem and developing a ‘have a go’, ‘I can’ approach to challenges. In addition, respect for each other, their differences, individuality and abilities. The setting promotes mutual respect and tolerance whereby staff role model and encourage value of diversity, different communities and faiths etc. They treat one another with courtesy and politeness encouraging and supporting children to celebrate and respect their friends thus creating an inclusive environment.

The Nursery has been approved and registered with OFSTED.

All children are eligible for the Early Years entitlement from the term after their 3rd Birthday. We also take funding for eligible 2 year olds. This entitlement covers up to 15 hours of free nursery care per week for 38 weeks a year, or 11 hours per week if taken over 51 weeks, (stretched funding).  30 hours a week of free nursery care, or 22 hours if taken over 51 weeks is available for families, imformation can be found at www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare.

We serve many schools in the area and have links to those most local to us.