Ethos and Aspirations


At the Wooden House Nursery School our ethos is to provide high quality care and education in a safe, comforting and inviting environment.

Consistency matters to all children so we initially focus on developing a trusting and supporting relationship with both the children and their families. We acknowledge the value of the information that parents/carers can provide us with and the need for regular communications with their key person. We aim to become an extension of the family unit working together and helping the children to feel the setting is a safe, comfortable environment to be nurtured within to explore, learn, and form friendships in.

Our staff are experienced in getting to know the children and identifying any initial vulnerabilities that may need support. During interactions along with using their knowledge of child development staff become aware of how children are progressing. If a need for support or extension is identified, we will communicate this firstly with the family and then we will work together to take every step necessary to meet the need and enable inclusion. Staff recognise and celebrate differences and similarities between children, families and themselves, the planning and the environment reflects this. Our aim is to provide a play-based learning that allows for play that is child led, play that is sensitively supported and extended by an adult and play that is guided towards a specific educational outcome. It will incorporate the development of independence and life skills along with good communication skills, respect and resilience to ‘have a go’. We provide clear boundaries to help develop self-regulation and support conflict and difficulties to become opportunities for children to learn good social skills and courtesy towards staff and peers alike. Children build on what they know through interactions and conversations between one another and the adults scaffolding their learning and using additional resources to further extend the understanding, for example, accessing books to obtain more information or by practising and repeating. We believe children learn best through play and being ‘hands on’ and that the outdoor environment provides an excellent space for them to do so. Children can develop their social and communication skills whilst practising their physical and cognitive abilities. As a result, we aim to utilise our outside areas to enhance our children’s experiences.

We want to provide a learning environment that enables each child to grow and develop, meeting their full potential and becoming equipped for their next steps on the educational ladder.

Aspirations for when our children go to school.

Communication and Language: Every child will become comfortable and confident to communicate using their voice or body effectively to express themselves and demonstrate what they know.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Every child will be able to form strong, warm and supportive relationships with key people. They will develop confidence to form friendships and be able to cooperate and negotiate with their peers.

Physical Development: Every child will understand the need for a healthy physical lifestyle including exercise and good self-care practices. They will develop good fine and gross motor skills.

Literacy: Every child will have the opportunity to develop an interest and love of books, stories, songs and rhymes. they will develop skills to learn to communicate through drawing and writing.

Mathematics: Every will develop a positive attitude and interest in Mathematics with a secure understanding of the numbers to 10 and the relationships and patterns within these numbers.

Understanding of the World: Every will develop an appreciation for their peers and their families and the differences between them. They will respect and care for the natural world around them.

Expressive Art and Design: Every child will develop confidence to explore a range of materials and media. Their imagination and creativity will be valued and nurtured to develop both artistic and cultural awareness.